MEF Grants 2021 – 2022


Thanks to your support, MEF was delighted to award the following grants, totaling over $17,700 during the 2021-2022 school year:

Green Meadow

  • Julie Danforth: Kindergarten Social Emotional Learning Assessment Pilot
  • Jennifer Fioretti: Wilson Certification to improve literacy skills for studnets in grades K-3
  • Lynda Muldoon: Attend the 2022 Academic Language Therapy Assc (ALTA) National Conference

Fowler School

  • Sabrina Tiru: Expansion of the Tiger 1 Gardens
  • Katie Kransinski: Sensory Classroom (adjustable seating, light covers, and fidgets)
  • Adam Steiner: Virtual Reality tablet and software (partial reallocation of prior year grant funds)
  • Michelle Travers, Travis Hales, & Kevin Kozik: Theatre and Performance Wireless Microphone System (for Fowler & MHS)
  • Mary Finnegan: Attend the 2022 Academic Language Therapy Assc (ALTA) National Conference
  • Maria Soler & Denise Hatch: Melissa Stewart (non-fiction author) enrichment program for 4th/5th grades and professional development for Fowler teachers (reallocation of prior year grant funds)

Maynard High School

  • Jay Levine: Table Tennis Club (table, paddles, and balls) for MHS Advisory Group
  • Jay Levine: 5 Nasco “Ready or Not Tots” for Psychology class & senior projects
  • Jean LaBelle-Pierce: Subscription to the Junior Library Guild at MHS

Maynard High School Students

  • Adam Fowler: DECA Club (seed Money to start the club)
  • Charlie Stearns (with John Ogden): Student Production Posters (to be displayed at MHS)
  • Meghan Curtain: Runway Repurposed – Senior Project
  • Dominic LaPusata: CRISPR kit & refill – Senior Project
  • Fiona Brown & Noah Severance: Say Gay – Senior Project
  • Grace Wilde: Maynard Senior Center Art Show – Senior Project
  • Lorenzo Ciccarelli: Model of a Nuclear Fusion Reactor – Senior Project

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